In order to provide high quality services to our users, we ask each customer to provide some personal data. In this section you can find information about what personal data that we collect should be provided and how we use it.

What information we collect. collects information in the form of personal data, which helps to improve our services in the process of fruitful cooperation between two sides.
Sources of information about the company customers' personal data:

Information from users.

In order to participate in receiving passive income from our company, it is necessary to have an account on the company's website. Your personal data is recorded in the personal account entered during the registration: name, email address, the number of wallet and so on.

Information about the device.

We collect information about the devices with the help of which customer and (or) guest enters our website. For example, it can be a model of device, browser type, operating system version, and other unique identifiers.

Location details.

The Company may collect and process data on your physical location when you are visiting our official website, using such position finding technologies which determine and analyze your IP-address.

Cookie files and similar technologies

In order to receive, analyze, process and store information about how to use our services, we can add cookie files or files, similar in operation to your device.

How we use the collected data.

Personal data of customers help our company to develop, improve and update existing services and programs, create new and maintain the security of the website of the company and our customers at the high level. For example, if we know the language preferences of our customers, we can more quickly and competently offer them version of the site in their native language.

Company does not provide personal information to third parties under any circumstances. Cases, when the customer has consented to the disclosure of his/her personal data or personal data was disclosed at the request of the current legislation are the exception of this rule.